Signe Andrews

Signe Andrews

Your vacation away from the ordinary in Phoenix, Az.



I delight in the small, juicy bits that make up life. The smell of creosote after a desert rain, ocean spray flecking my cheek, a spontaneous smile from a lover, the caress of fingers tracing over the curve of a hip.  Simple moments that are seemingly transitory, yet make a lasting impact on your memory. I seek to create such beautiful simple moments as a companion, and offer a suspension of the ordinary that takes up our days.  

I'm Signe, and I'm a fit, blonde, college-educated companion who's based in Phoenix, AZ. I am a mix of intense and kinky, and introverted and poetic. I'm drawn to the unusual, extraordinary, and vulnerable aspects of existence. I don't like taking the path of least resistance, or molding myself into a narrow definition of what society deems as socially acceptable. I like to examine stereotypes and always question why - that's what led me to companionship.  

Please do take the time to wander through this site - to get a sense of our potential chemistry together and to get answers to your questions. Most questions can be answered with just a little bit of clicking and reading. 

I love meeting adventurous, kind, thoughtful, and generous people, and I'm very particular about whom I spend my time with. Should you be interested in getting together, please do reach out; but first, find out of if we're a match by spending time perusing here and reading through my website. 

I can't wait to hear from you.